I’m V, your friendly neighborhood social justice training consultant and feminist sex educator.

I have been educating students, non-profits, corporations, and public servants about LGBTQIPPA issues and ally-building for over 15 years. Talking about LGBTQ issues can be challenging, especially in isolated or smaller communities. I offer interactive and empathy-building educational sessions that help participants learn to talk about privilege and oppression in a welcoming environment as well as develop concrete skills about how to be a LGBTQ ally. I am able to adjust and tailor the workshops to meet the needs of your group.

I have worked as an educator about issues related to the full spectrum of sexuality for a variety of non-profits including the Sexual Assault Resource Center, The Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center, Planned Parenthood, The Pride Center & Women’s Center at Oregon State University and the Women’s Center & LGBT Center at Ohio University. I also worked as the Education Coordinator for the first feminist, woman-owned, sexuality boutique in Portland, Oregon – It’s My Pleasure. I was with IMP for 8 years and taught a variety of courses including Sex Toys 101, Women & Orgasm, and Intro to Open Relationships. Currently I am the Assistant Director for the Women’s Resource Center at Portland State University. I am also a  Sexuality Educator for She Bop, a female friendly sex toy boutique.

I believe that sexuality education is a fundamental human right and that everyone deserves accurate, non-judgmental information about how their bodies work to make informed and educated decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Women and sexual and gender minorities are often left out of the discussion about sexual health and pleasure. I have dedicated my professional and personal life to creating safe spaces for people to ask questions and learn about sex and sexuality in a healthy environment free of shame.